Change, and no I’m not talking about the change you get after paying for your latte in cash, although they both could be considered annoying. I’m talking about the upheaval of the unconscious drive between the grocery store and your house. Having lived in four different states and moved almost every 12 months for the last 11 years, I can testify, there comes a point when you can drive from your house to work or to school without using any brain power. This is the point when the change is over. And you have become comfortable and this good in some ways. It allows you to settle into a routine, rest more, possibly enjoy the day to day more. But is this what God wants? And if this unconscious drive to the grocery store is inevitable and it happens after every change, why is the change so trying? Why do we fight change? Why do we long for the ability to live on auto pilot?

Well for one- It’s terrifying. Change means that we don’t always know ‘what’s next.’ It is harder to predict what tomorrow will bring and we might not be prepared for it. Two- it costs. It costs money, a new job, different income, different insurance, and different commute. It costs emotional energy. Trying to maintain healthy relationships in the midst of change takes work. If you move, you have to arrange to call you best friend who used live next door. You have long conversations with your partner because much of life is new.  It costs finically and emotionally. Three- It forces us to rely on God. This is the undeniable truth about change. When we embrace that God is in control of our lives, that he directs our every step, change is God’s and not ours. Change forces us out of the driver seat and into reliance on God. Recognizing God’s control in our lives is not easy. Yet it is inevitable. Our lives will always change. Our lives are not meant to stay the same. God made us to grow and change for him. And he promised to take care of us even in the ‘costs.’

The first reason we don’t want to change because we are afraid of tomorrow. In Matthew we hear “Do not worry about tomorrow…” God says ‘I take care of the birds of the air, I feed them. How much more valuable are you than a bird?’ And the second reason we resist change is because of the cost of money and the cost of emotional time. We need to be reminded that God’s the ultimate banker; all the resources in the world are his. Whatever the financial cost is God will provide. And the emotional cost, He is the one that binds each relationship to the other. He has called us to love one another and he’ll help us do that well. And final challenge to change is giving up control of our lives to God. Wanting to control our own lives is an audacious claim in its self. It’s like asking to fly a shuttle to the moon when we don’t even have our driver’s license. We aren’t qualified to run the universe, so we might as well give that up to God, the one who created it.

So let’s embrace change. Let’s lean into change. Let’s embrace the chaos. Let’s abandon the unconscious drive to the grocery store in exchange to see God alive and at work in our lives as we change for Him


Just some thoughts…

– Sam