February 13, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

2011 is off and running, isn’t it? January slipped right by us and we’re already into February, already mid-February. Before we get too far into the new year we’d love to share with you how God continues to bless our church planting efforts.

First, we’re excited to share that our church plant now has a name: Center Point Community Church! We believe the name Center Point aptly fits our location within the Denver Tech Center (DTC) and challenges us to keep Christ at the center of all we do. It also appeals to our focus group: young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s who, while working terribly hard at their jobs, have very little community and aren’t connected with a local body of believers. They are both un-churched (having never had a relationship with Jesus) and de-churched (having had a relationship with Jesus, but no longer connected with a local church). We’re also currently working on other branding aspects (website, logo, etc.), selecting an appropriate worship site, and we’ll soon begin some active community penetration.

Second, God continues to bless us as we recently began a six-week study group with 15 people focusing on the core values of Center Point. We’re framing our discussion around three themes (1) Our Message: Proclaiming the Gospel; (2) Our Posture: Engaging Culture; and (3) Our Action: Expanding God’s Kingdom. These themes will shape and mold Center Point’s vision and mission. Out of this study we will develop a leadership team. We’re blessed to say that many of those attending the study have already committed to joining us.

Third, many of you responded generously to our year-end giving request. Thank you! Our goal was $26,500 and $18,500 came in through cash donations and pledges. Praise the Lord! That still leaves $14,500 to be raised between now and June ’11 for our 2010-2011 budget. We also are beginning to look toward 2011-2012. We anticipate needing to raise our annual $96,000 plus facility, technology, and other supply costs for our worship site. We trust that God will continue to provide. If you’d like to renew your support or begin to support our efforts of sharing the gospel in the Denver Tech Center see the note at the end of this letter for details.

As a family we are doing well. Elijah, or Eli as we call him, is growing up before our eyes. He’s a healthy and strong 14 lb. little guy at only 2 ½ months. Sam and I are adjusting to balancing both our jobs as planters and our roles as parents. C.J., our chocolate lab, is adjusting well to having Eli around too. Besides a few stuffed animal thefts, she is a sweetheart with him.

We thank God for all of these blessings and we thank you too for your prayer support. Without your prayers we could not continue this good work. We do ask that you continue to lift us and our efforts up before God. Please pray that…

• God would provide the right worship site for Center Point within the DTC.

• God will continue to draw a core group of people interested in expanding His kingdom to us.

• God will continue to draw the un-churched and the de-churched to Himself through our efforts.

• We are given wisdom and discernment as we begin to work on some of the practical challenges of starting a new church (sound systems, filing for non-profit status, insurance, etc).

• Funding continues to come in as we begin to expand our impact in the DTC.

• God continues to hold us close to Him, that our faith walks be ever strengthened and that we might become more and more like Jesus.

Your prayers are coveted and we thank you for them! 2011 has begun and we are excited to see what God has in store for Center Point Community Church this year. We trust His call on our lives to launch this new part of the body of Christ and we wait in anticipation for His continued leading. Thank you for all of your love and support. Without you this would not be possible. We love you!


Nate, Sam, and Eli


Approximate Funds Raised to Date:
Family and Friends $41,500
CRC Denomination $25,000
Supporting Churches $18,000
Classis Rocky Mountain $3,500
Total Raised to Date $88,000
Approximate Funds Needed:
Total Raised thru June ‘11 $81,500
Total Needed thru June ‘11 $14,500
Total Raised for July ’11-June ‘12 $6,500
Total Needed for July ’11 – June ‘12 $88,500









If you’d like to donate to our efforts Eastern Hills Community Church is receiving tax-deductible donations on our behalf. Please note your gift is intended for Nate and Sam in the memo line of your check. You can mail donations to:

Eastern Hills Community Church

Attn: Nate and Sam

25511 E. Smoky Hill Rd.

Aurora, CO 80016

P.S. As always, feel free to contact us for any reason and let us know if we can pray for you in any way. Also, note that our cell phone numbers have changed.

Sam’s Cell: (303) 502-0981

Nate’s Cell: (303) 502-0980