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We’re happy to announce that we’ve selected a name for our new church. We’re going with Center Point Community Church or CPCC! The idea behind Center Point is (1) that it ties into the location of the Denver Tech Center and (2) it challenges people to think about what is at the center of their lives. We’re excited with the choice and we believe that God is at work in even the very choosing of the name.

Please keep Center Point in your prayers as we continue to follow God’s lead ministering here in the Denver Metro Area.


The last little while has been full of great learning opportunities. We’ve been challenged a lot lately and we’ve really been given us some concepts to think about. Briefly, here they are:

  1. Mark Batterson recently made a statement on his blog, “If you’re doing things that others can do 80% as well as you can, then you are not just wasting your time. You are wasting other’s gifts! Think of it this way: your responsibility = someone else’s opportunity!” This statement has huge implications in how we train up people within the church to do ministry. Traditionally, the church has kept the ministry to the “professionals” and it’s led to the slow death of the Gospel here in North America.
  2. Another bright individual has encouraged leaders in the church to create a permission giving culture. As Dave Ferguson puts it this way, “Lead with a Yes.” We all too often worry about what a new program, ministry, or effort might result in. We worry and therefore we shoot great ideas down all the time. What if you’re church culture led with a yes? What kind of new ministries might you have? How might the gospel be shared in a new and creative way? How much does a “yes” really cost?
  3. In a recent post on the Harvard Business Review Blog, Peter Bergman posted a reflection entitled “How to Teach Yourself to Trust Yourself.” In it he writes:

Many of us have spent our lives listening to our parents, our teachers, our managers, and our leaders. Choosing what we are told to choose. Being told gently who we are. Molding ourselves to the feedback of others. Seeking approval. Reaching for recognition.

There is good reason to learn from the wisdom of others. But there is also a cost: as we shape ourselves to the desires, preferences, and expectations of others, we risk losing ourselves. We can become frozen without their direction, unable to make our own choices, lacking trust in our own insights. O here, twice blind at being born.

There is a simple remedy to the insecurity of being ourselves: stop asking.

Instead, take the time, and the quiet, to decide what you think. That is how we find the part of ourselves we gave up. That is how we become powerful, clever, creative, and insightful. That is how we gain our sight.

It’s an interesting piece on how we lead. When do we stop listening to the newest and best philosophy and simply follow God’s leading for us personally? When do we live out who God has made us to be without waffling between the popular or kitsch idea of the moment? As church planters we’ve found that lots of people have lots of great ideas, many that have worked well. Our challenge is to glean the ideas that conform to how God has wired us and be willing to cast aside those that don’t. Ultimately, this discernment process is always on going and not unique to planting. We all are called to live authentic lives – authentic to who God has made each of us and yet we are still called to grow and become more Christlike. Some might say that we’re even called to live within this tension.

These are just some of leadership development thoughts we’ve been wrestling with. We’d love to hear your thoughts/reflections or comments on these ideas.

We love you all.


Nate and Sam

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for our long hiatus. A lot has happened in the last couple of months. First of all, we had a baby. Elijah Andrew DeJong McCarron was born on November 22 at 7:46pm. He came out a whopping 9lbs. 8oz. and stretched to 21 1/2 inches. Both Mom and Eli did a fantastic job. He continues to grow and is doing well.

Second, as you might have already observed we haven’t added any video components to the blog yet. Unfortunately there have been some speed bumps in that process. We still have a strong desire to put up some video components, but we have to wade through it a little more before it becomes a reality.

Thirdly, we’re blessed to let you know that God moved and our end of the year fundraising requests were answered in dramatic fashion once again. In November we set an end of the year goal for $26,500. We prayed over the amount and informed our donors. As we waited through November and December we continued to lift it up to God. Fundraising is an amazing way to stretch one’s faith. Just the other day we complied the donations given thus far and were blown away by God’s provision and the body of Christ’s generosity. As of today, $18,500, in cash and pledges has come in since our request – 70% of our original goal. God is good! We aim to raise the remaining $8,000 in the next month or two. Ultimately this money will carry our ministry into June of this year and beyond. We can’t thank you, our family and friends, enough for your support and encouragement!

Fourth and finally, we also are looking forward expectantly to this new year. We look forward to starting a study group with people interested in joining us in planting this new church next Thursday. We look forward to beginning meetings with our Leadership Team in mid-March. We look forward to our first preview service on April 17th. And we look forward to our public launch service on October 23.

2011 is a big year for us and it is a big year for prayer. We ask that you join us as we pray for God’s leading and guiding. Pray that He would bless us with discerning hearts, with willing hands, and with Gospel driven words. Pray also for those who will join us in this venture. Pray a blessing over them and their homes. Pray for strength and courage.

We thank God for you all and lift you up before Him and we pray the Aaronic blessing over you. We pray:
“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you his peace.”

In Him,

Nate and Sam

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