Alright here are a couple of very exciting updates:

  1. We are happy to announce that we are officially endorsed by Home Missions of the Christian Reformed Church! We’ve worked through the system – assessments and paperwork and we have been approved to receive support through HM both financial and otherwise. This is a huge answer to prayer and a great encouragement as we begin this process of planting a church in the greater Denver Metro Area.
  2. We wrapped up our time in Albuquerque, NM with a huge celebration on Easter Sunday. We had the honor of witnessing three baptisms (two adult males and a two year-old girl). It was beautiful seeing how God works in our lives as he pulls us close. We’ve spent the last month or so enjoying time with friends and family as we continue to fundraise. We look forward to starting in Denver on June 1.
  3. Finally, we are also so excited to say that we are pregnant!! God has blessed us with an unexpected gift as Sam is now 11+ weeks pregnant with a little one. We are excited and scared at the idea of moving, planting, and parenting, and yet we trust that God is at work in it all. We look forward to being extra thankful this Thanksgiving as we celebrate the birth of our first child!

So as you can tell – we are excited! We are excited to live in service to a God who blesses us, his children. We pray that you too may share in our joy. Please hold us in prayer and join us as we work to grow God’s kingdom.