Hi Everyone,

We have a couple of updates as far as donations go.

1. If you’d like to donate and you’re in the U.S. you can do so right from this website. Check out the Donate Online link on our home page directly below the title line – from there you can find a link to the Family in Christ Community Church website. Once you find yourself on their site you have a couple of options – you can either make a one time gift or you can schedule regular monthly giving.

2. If you’d like to donate and you’re in Canada and you’d like a income tax credit, we have a solution. Unfortunately we cannot do donations through the web, but we’ve networked with the CRC Home Missions office in Burlington, ON and they are willing to receive donations on our behalf. Once received they’ll forward them on to Family in Christ. If you’d like to choose this option be sure to explicitly note that it is for the residency of Nate and Sam in Denver, CO. Here’s the address you can send it to:

CRCNA Home Missions

3475 Mainway
PO Box 5070 STN LCD 1
Burlington, ON L7R 3Y8 Canada

All that being said we really appreciate all of your support both financially and in prayer. We have been blessed thus far with many gifts and we trust that God will continue to supply all of our needs.